My son attends a Waldorf school and one of the things I love about the school is the focus on warm, wooden toys. The classroom is filled with beautiful handmade wooden toys and none of the plastic ones I see in other preschools and kindergarten classrooms in our area.

tree fort

Why choose wooden toys? For me, it is the warmth and beauty of these toys. Other parents fear exposing their children to plastic, while other parents are more concerned with the problems of plastic from an environmental standpoint.

Of course Waldorf schools are also all about imagination for this age range as well. Loads of fairies, gnomes and angels fill their daily routines and story time circles. Although I am a bit of a skeptic, I know my son loves his school and in the end that is really what counts.

If you are a parent or a grandparent, why not try avoiding the plastic Christmas toy rush and instead look for a beautiful wooden toy that your child can cherish for years. Maybe even for generations, as these toys will often last for years, and become a family heirloom that can be passed down to your grandchildren, and maybe even your great-grandchildren. A beautiful wooden boat, truck, doll house, wooden blocks and even fantastic wooden puzzles and mazes (like the Quadrilla Vertigo wooden marble run). To see this amazing marble run in practice, check out this video below!

Under the Christmas tree, there will likely be no more beautiful and cherished gift than a beautifully handcrafted wooden toy that you have carefully selected for your child. A playroom full of wooden toys also makes a beautiful addition to any household and will be cherished by your child and his or her friends for years to come! I hope you sincerely consider making a wooden toy purchase this Christmas!